Friday, May 25, 2012

Pillow Talk

Everyone knows that a fun and relatively inexpensive way to spruce up a room is to change out the accent pillows on upholstered furniture. There are so many to love I wanted to share:
The following are examples from the beautiful Caitlin Wilson Textiles collection:
Aren't they fresh?
For a punch of corral (my new favorite color) I have used this trellis pattern:
From Etsy:
Here are some patterns with a huge color punch, available through Etsy by Studio Tullia:
Also from StudioTullia through Etsy, the fabulous Chiang Mai Dragon pillows by Schumacher fabrics:
A lovely Lumbar by Anthropologie:
CompanyC's Peacock Pillow is a favorite:
Examples shown on furniture from one of my favorite fabric companies- FSchumacher:
I love this living room with the simple graphic punch of the accent pillows: Via Houzz-
The following is a remodel project I recently completed in Bountiful. We added a few fun patterns on the sofa with the blue & cream trellis pillow and Bird lumbar pillow:
Here they are in the room:
I love what the pillows add to this client's furnishings:
In this project, I used a dot lumbar pattern on the leather chair for a pop, and a boxy graphic on the sofa.
I used a smaller scale graphic pattern in the home office lumbar pillow:
I added a small touch of the green color with a pillow to this bedroom's accent chair:
I love this bedroom by designer Sally Henderson via House Beautiful; the bird pillows are so fun:
However you use them, pillows are a wonderful way to bring in a little touch of color, texture and pattern as well as personality.

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