Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Meet My Family

I thought it would be fun to show off my family today. I have two kids, two hairy dogs and one great husband.
The kids-
My daughter is 11 and gymnastics is her "thing". She has been involved in gymnastics for about two years and has loved every moment. I admire her mental dedication and physical strength. She is finishing up her sixth grade year and has maintained her school work with A's and B's while being at her club gym for 16 hours per week. AMAZING!!

After a great meet

1st place!

My son is 9 and is not sure what his "thing" is yet. He changes his mind weekly, it seems. However, this will be his second summer doing swim team. He is a great swimmer and is a very competetive kid. He also likes biking with dad and is looking forward to participating in the Tour de France someday. Might as well dream big, right!!

A meet photo

Getting ready to swim a mile!

My husband is an avid cyclist and would much prefer riding his bike each day to going to work. He loves road, mountain and cyclocross biking. He's the best husband and dad!

Fall cyclocross Races!! So fun to watch

The dogs-
What can I say? They are golden retrievers; really hairy and sweet.

We just kicked off the summer with an awesome trip to San Diego, one of my favorite places! It was so much fun to spend time together as a family. Grandma & grandpa were there with us and we loved that too.

Aaahhh, the beach!
This is a photo of the grounds at the amazing Hotel Grande Del Mar where we got to stay. It was so beautiful!

We are looking forward to a fun filled summer with a ton of activity. I'll share more of our family adventures in the future.
Happy Summer!

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