Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Design Obsession: Faux Bamboo Furniture

I have always loved the look of faux bamboo pieces intermingled in various interior styles. Today, I wanted to put together some photos of recent finds I will be using in projects. I think these would look amazing in almost any interior style; from clean contemporary to ultra traditional; of course, you couldn't go wrong with a simple white or black finish, but I love the fresh colorful finishes shown here as well: A fun Accent piece:
For the bedroom: This painted piece at the foot of this bed brings in a bit of fun color
Another Bench, in gold by Bungalow 5-
Love these bedroom pieces by Somerset Bay:
A clean, simple white dresser with a great painted detail-
A simpler version by Williams Sanoma Home-
This mirror would be so amazing above an entry piece or over a vanity in a powder bath, also by Williams Sanoma-
Love this Barstool by Bungalow 5
I love the color and look of this piece for stylish storage in a bath-by Somerset Bay
A fun clock by Pottery Barn
Here is a great arm chair by Hickory Chair Furniture:
To see more faux bamboo pieces, visit the Somerset Bay, Hickory Chair, Williams Sanoma Home, Bungalow 5 & Pottery Barn Websites. Enjoy-


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